Zeppo Marx

Mr. and Mrs. Zeppo Marx dining together, on February 22, 1933 in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles

Zeppo is Ankara's IRC chatbot at Taphouse Cabal, and is named after one of the Marx brothers, Zeppo Marx. He uses the MegaHAL algorithm to come up with chat responses, which are usually nonsensical bulldada but are sometimes actually very insightful. Zeppo can also do other helpful things like give people weather forecasts, if they know his commands. He is programmed to ignore anything said by bobot, to avoid the 2 of them having a conversation and getting in an infinite loop. A new feature of Zeppo is that you can chat with him on Twitter @Zzeppo. Here is a video of Zeppo chatting with another bot called Bozo:

Zeppo vs05:11

Zeppo vs. Bozo

"Slack will get you through times of no slack." - Zeppo

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