World Cup Golfer heads

2 World Cup Golfer heads, used as weapons of mass destruction in a vast intergalactic war

World Cup Golfers are the key in the intergalactic war between X-ists, Y-ists, and countless other alien civilizations. X-ists are allied with Arnold Palmer, Y-ists are allied with Lee Trevino, and every other World Cup Golfer is allied with a different alien civilization. Interestingly enough, Tiger Woods is actually allied with the one of the weakest alien civilizations, the Martians. World Cup Golfers take part in these vast intergalactic wars when their bleeding heads are launched, since their bleeding heads function as weapons of mass destruction, capable of wiping out entire intergalactic space fleets instantaneously. In the Church of the SubGenius, to help the X-ists win, traditionally the Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer is launched.

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