Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer

The Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer

The Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer is the most powerful weapon of mass destruction in the universe. It's used by The Church of the SubGenius to aid the X-ists in a vast intergalactic war against the Y-ists. It replaced the Early Church's Bleeding Head of Bobby Jones. It has gone missing in recent years, likely the work of The Conspiracy in their efforts to prevent X-Day.

All World Cup Golfers are allied with different alien races in a multitude of vast intergalactic wars, with Arnold Palmer allied with the X-ists, Lee Trevino allied with the Y-ists, and for some reason, Tiger Woods is allied with the Martians, one of the weakest alien civilizations in the universe.

When revealed at a SubGenius devival, it is greeted with chants of "Bleeding Head Good! Healed Head Bad!" in preparation of the Head Launching Ceremony. Here is a video of a launching of The Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer:

Seattle Devival 1998 "Launching the Head"02:35

Seattle Devival 1998 "Launching the Head"

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