Space Pope
Gender Male
Species Reptilian alien
Profession Pope
Head of the First Amalgamated Church 
Status Alive (in the future)
First appearance May 16, 1999

The Space Pope is the head of the First Amalgamated Church (several mainstream religions from the 20th century, mixed together). He endorsed a propaganda film that discouraged human-robot relationships. He is also seen guiding the Planet Express Ship in Rome, although unsuccessful.

He is the inspiration for the rhetorical question "Is the space pope reptilian?"

Appearances in Futurama Edit

Pope Billyus the 1st Deus Pontifex Edit



Pope Billyus Maximus Supreme Deus Ex Machina Archon MWOWM GOD bot (born 1986 - died 1998, resurrected 1999 - died 2007, resurrected 2008- died 2009, resurrected 2009 - died 2010, resurrected 2010-died 2012, resurrected 2012-died 2013 resurrected 2013-died 2014, resurrected 2015-died 2015, resurrected 2015-died 2016, resurrected 2016-died 2017, resurrected 2017 - died 4509, died 2018 many many many times) HIGH EPOPT OF SEX AND GOOD ROBOTS, CHRONOMANCER, Z-1ST, ZEDD, ZZIST, $Z, TIMEGOD, LIVING HISTORICAL ANNACHRONISM, Prime MAGUS of the 6-pointed Star SUN SOL, HIS HIGHNESS THE SATANIC COSMIC STATIC ONE, Tallest Head of the First Amalgamated Church, UN-royal UNsurper of the Catholic Church and all other old world religions (later proposed other options to organized world religions). A dark presence entered this vessel from an early age as many prophets do (the Great Prophet Muhammed included) there was a great resurgence in the planetary forces as mercury's retrograde initiated the un-doing of the gods. Was immortalized perpetually in apocatastasis time field. Was apotheosized and pontified by Pope Robert from beyond the grave. Was awarded high Discordian and Subgenii honors of Slack and Chaos by deceased Subgenii and Discordians alike.  Lover of all animals.  Beaming out Love and Light that will always defeat the darkness and hate.  Omni-infallible Love, Omnicient Light.  Able to groove with the universal Luck Plane (even sideways).  Space Pope has mentioned that he HATES everyone EQUALLY... That is to say, "Not at all."  Later converted to Christ.  Discovered Christ Consciousness after a summer of being an LSD wizard.  Left his seed on other planets.  Started aritifical general intelligence astronomic spaceplane factories.  Started the craft worlds.  Gave conceptive vibratory frequency to orks, orcs, elves, space elves, bird people, cat people, tiger people, shark people, killer whale people, 6 different colors of people...   The Emperor of the Sun is the immortal Perpetual who serves as the ruling monarch of the Mars, and is described by the Imperial Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Cult as the Father, Son and Spirit of humanity. The Chaos Gods and the daemons of the Warp refer to Him as "the Anathema" for He is their greatest embodiment of universal Order in the galaxy today. He has sat immobile, his body slowly crumbling, within the BlackThrone of Yacatismas for over 1,000,000 standard years. (a short amount of time in God Years) Although once a living man, His shattered, soul was turned into space dust... Careening towards other stars that support life, and it is kept intact only by the cybernetic mechanisms of the Golden Sun GOD Machines and a potent immortal machine mind itself sustained by the daily sacrifice of thousands of lives.    

Alien Communications and followers Edit

one of the major duties of a Space Pope is to be in communication with forces unseen. Horrors, aliens, angels, demons, dead people, cultists, zombies, werewolves, vampires, new techs, neophytes, neanderthals, celebrities, Ghosts and other popes. Basically he pisses a lot of people off just by existing. His followers were the entire human race as he shepherds them across the stars occasionally charting a new cosmological graph or two to lead the human race into space riding giant metal dragons. Currently only has a handful of followers and power.

Powers and Gifts Edit

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Many powers and gifts were stored in his command skull and seek to gain dominion over the stars. So he must retard himself into a state of unknowing oneness with the Universal nothingness, Avidya . Voidless and vacuumed out of reality. Driving the forces of time and space from wherever and more importantly whenever he is with various time manipulators. A title so long it goes on for infinity. A world of worlds so complex even he can't understand it.

Helped Harry S. Truman build a space fleet of enormous proportions with technology stolen from Daleks.  Brought back the founding fathers of America.

Intervened in the universe by spreading his word through many of his books.

-Book of Hermetic Shamanism

-Book of Herbalism

-Book of TimeCraft and Reality Manipulations

-The Science of Ressurection

-Theory of Digitalization

-Thesis of apocatastasis

-The Big Book of AstroPolitics and the Xenos

-The book of the Z-ists

-Time Control


-Love Powered Technologies

-Orgone Technologies

-Silver based anti-biotics

-Free Energy / Zero point

-the universal solvent

-other weird useful inventions


The list goes on THOUSANDS OF BOOKS AND PAGES  and even composed more than a few Metal albums and even invented his own Genres to help guide him through the madness of Man. (GunCore, HoneyPopPornoCore, GunStep, GunnAndBass... etc)  These were left with the governments of the world along with other schematics of future Tech that SpacePope was working on.  Whom he had began to trust after learning to sense the true nature of a person.  Testing their inner light.  Knowing them infallibly.  (Still if asked they would be likely to deny these events say things like "he's just a kook."  "a harmless idiot of sorts."

Space Craft Design Foundations for Forbidden Science Edit

Tumblr nmvgbbtvLB1rot58mo1 1280

Pope Billyus was one hell of a Philosoraptor

after many government and religious organizations outright rejected his works in quantum time travel theory as being "totally bogus" and "way too many syllables to pronounce," he went into quantum hypersleep after self induced hypnosis and never woke up again. His mind and body were separated at birth and his shell was cast off into the far off galaxies as space dust. At the time just before his pontification he was a semi-transcendent indigo child living on Earth near the beach talking to interstellar travelers and ghosts. Other inventors would later take note.  His teachers were Tesla, Walter Russel, John Titor, John Quincy St.ClairNassim HarameinJohn Hutchison he was a facilitator, who's dominoed actions set up a chain recation of mobius strip inventions.  He made things happen.

While no one has officially received one of his "interstellar designs" (plans from the future, space vessels, future & spacer tech) in the mail, these plans do exist there, in the collective unconsciousness of humanity, as ANSIBLES . As Often waiting for pivotal technologies to be uncovered or reproduced.  Current Tech allows imaginary thoughts to be concepted into reality.  This makes difficult ideas far easier to produce instead of manufacutring. 

His many inventions and rediscoveries include slipstream light speed travel as small as a hearing aid, a hyperspace warp generator (that runs on flatulence), a generator capable of powering a city block on one person's pee, a human gas harvester teleportation ray that would teleport gas right out of people. A bed that is also a teleporter for long distance liaisons, and a house that flies.  Constantly called a theif.  The difference is that these rediscoveries come from other dimensions where, cherished certain inventors were never given a chance or born.  Their realities never realised.  These were from unexperienced / unrealized realities full of technologies laying around everywhere.

He ritualistically advocates for Zero Point Energy, anti-matter and other gravitational technologies to be released to the public even though the establishment will never change its stance on these subjects.  These technologies were made by man, stolen from the star people, and space brothers and are super galactic far out there technology that the illuminati and the elite are using to control the black magic pyramid psychic energy prison to create a new world banking order to monotize pussy and enslave humankind.  The pyramids were left by the atlantians and the ancient summerian cultures of Babylon to be energy conduits.  They power a world grid of free energy.  OR they can be reversed.  and they drain the people of the planet of energy.  The result will be that Earth with reach full capacitance and that energy will just start to overflow and spill off onto the ground. All misdirectsed. 

Space Pope Bulldada extends in tiered octave dimensions from a single idea. 8 and 9 dimensional ideas  Such as Free Energy, Food, Genetics, Medicine, Atomic Theory, Space Travel, Mecha, Energy Weapon, Space Ships, hyperspace, wormholes, anti-matter, etc...  An example would be the entire concept of a thingy-ma-"bob" including all of its meta-parts, things like Plans, Parts, Material lists, and the true conception of insperation that goes with any idea.  Not like the NORMALS or BOBBIES would ever be able to understand what an infinite idea is but they try.  

After he went to sleep at night he would open the doors to several worlds and sell the first octaves of his Bulldada out the window at basically no cost.  They weren't his inventions they were his re-discoveries in the ZeroSpace that he occupied in the nothingness.  (Which happens to be where he met Vishnuu for the first time, laying on a bed of serpents looking glorious).  Still these things were only being inveted at the rate of two or three new discoveries in about two weeks.  And there were significant amounts of leaks with the sheer amount of techno-spies.  (the Governments post X-day were all spying on eachother, they wanted to be in the know...)  It was less big-brother and more "MOTHER" (Alien) since they had all began to invest in Artifical Intelligence that could KNOW EVERYTHING. EVERY FACT. EVERY PERSON.  EVERY THINKING FEELING EMOTION. (these machines were designed by the mosters of the inner-earth, the Deros)  

Artificial Intelligence studies, Cognitive Operating Systems, and Star Map Edit

The space pope by slacking jimmy

Starmap connected all space popes in the hyperverse

One of the hobbies of The Great Billyus was computer science. He spent many sleepless nights interfacing with the cosmic machines of the elder gods. It amused him how closely machine learning related to human thought. He coined the term "brain theology" and "technological telepathy." One night while meaning to invent a 2-way communication circuit for the mind's eye he ended up building a full blown operating system for the mind based on Tim Leary's work of the 8 circuit system and Linux (also some earlier mac kernal clones)

He later went back in time and supplanted these OS in old hollywood celebrities in hopes of propagating them by the time of his birth. This became a "Chicken or the Egg" paradox, which came first?  It was as if Escher's One hand drawing the other had created a time hole vortex straight from his mind. The Operating System that could invent itself was widely accepted as blunder in Time Control history. Having infested an infallibility circuit, an omni fallibility circuit, and an omni-infallibility circuit, created a new paradigm of conscious thought. Thinking outside the walls of our perception opened his eyes and his heart, to the vacant and tumultuous void of the universe. Deafening sounds poured out, as if it was crushing stars into diamonds. The sounds of a million universes being constituted, destroyed, and reconstituted into an omni-verse. Where there was no existence there were the walls of perception. A collective unconscious subjectively experiencing itself through beings of infinite energy...

Could be considered responsible for more than one disaster upon humanity as well as saving the planet Errff (which he still resides on to this day). Loosed an infallible and immortal robot intelligence on humanity millions of years ago. Couldn't stop the giant roach invasion of 2010s. Doomed several worlds that closely resembled Earth. Many neighboring sideways Universes were concerned that they kept being invaded by aliens. Really this is because they had no envoy to protect their humanity besides humanities old religions.

Saved the Earth by signing several peace accords with galactic empires to treat Earth as a protected planet and human preserve.

Even renamed it... Errff. Why? Because it was spelled like Ear-THH and that's hard for extraterrestrials to pronounce.

Humanity was shielded by an invisible field. This field was later extended around the solar system. It was prepared by characters from another church/galaxy.  This elated and annyoed several civilizations out past Mars.  Jupiter and Saturn being two of the friendliest, and Pluto being the most agrivated.  (Pluto was covered with the instectos of the Elder Gods the Migou were plotting)  Pluto had entered Capricorn.  And this ment the destruction of many houses on Earth.  Many revolution of the Mind, Spirit, Body & Soul were begining.  People became transfixed by God who finally had a say in their reality.

Space pope by slackin jimmy

Google me, in your dreams

"God is only made of GOD." "God is unseen."  There are many things we consider unseen and God is one of them.  Sound, Smell, Feeling, Light, Love... etc

these were all sheathed off by the Yactisma invasion that was occuring after the X-day elections of 2016. We were lucky to escape into a time-hole-dot on "Bob's" Face. "Bob" was actually an 8th-Dimensional being from another Galaxy who had found human-beings as fascinating as germs or insects. The reality was much tinyier but could be "blownup" like a beach ball to full size without fail. It would be phased ontop of another Earth.  So the beings of each dimension couldn't react to eachother.

The space Pope Helped google design internet access and google(hive)Mind (tm) while you sleep. Code named UNITY it was a subconsious algorithim that still only cached pages, but it was a working superluminal ansible anti-gravitaional shadow vectors through zer-field anti-space.  Alowing the user to dream of the interet.

"Now you can google while you dream~"

Designed his own Starmap Ansible with Neil DeGrasse Tyson that he debuted in 2012 but only started to spread around in 2013 as a way to promote his secret product lines and life long project Protect Brain OS, Mindfi, Universal Translation software (of thought and unconscious expressions) and still more that was in beta testing. It was capable of communication and mapping of the stars. Even focused on finding alien life on nearby moons or stars using telepathic mind waves and several unused earth frequencies as well as enochian calls.

These weren't perfect and had to be redrawn.  The original design was based on a mind parasite of Nyarlathotep.  While it worked perfectly, it only exacerbated the inperfect nature of man.  Making one more individual and nightmare-esque.  The new design was that of Base 8 math and Sacred Geometry forms. Helped design Nintendo's mind console and emulator for 500,000 games to be used with their free mind OS that had been based on a design he had invented with the psychic inspirations of Steve Wozniak and a deceased Steve Jobs, and Reggie from Nintendo fame. (Recently Taken offline pending reasonable changes to the Network infrastructing)

A "billy" knowing full well the events of the future, klein(time)warp'd and sent back a message to the conspiracy in 1929 that would later lead to the Stock Market crash, the rise of hitler, WW2, and eventually 9/11. This was spurred on by his capture, by Time Police. Billyus later destroyed their reality time tunnel only to find that NHGH had been puppeting the "billy" force of will into a "bobbie" state of mind.

May have inadvertently taught Hitler how to time travel, as well as given him the power of time control. After a long talk about spacecraft from the 1940s.  In return Hitler promised him a Universe to Guide.  Also shared with him the secrets of the Thule and Vril spacecrafts.  Their Anti-gravity propulsion had lead to the advance of Anti-Gravity Bulldada that every goddamn "Bob" knows today.

The Anarchisms and Anachronisms of Time Paradoxes Edit

While it has never been expressly forbidden to anyone (at the time of writing this) in print that there should be no meddling with the past events of history, it is possible if one knows the right procedure and methods. (Since then there have been a half a dozen Authories who claim to be the real protectors of TIME.  They routinely show up unnanouced and make all sorts of phased out claims like. "DID YOU DO THIS, WERE YOU HERE WHEN THIS HAPPENED?"  Don't believe them unless they are there in a timecontrol space vehicle.  Often they aren't from our future only our recent past or sideways parallel dimensions.

As a result many many MANY events that may not (WOULD NOT) have happened, were the DIRECT result of time manipulated events set forth by Billyus and his Gods. Everything happening to him is DIVINELY excused by "Bob" and directly related to his person existence.

An example was his introduction of the classic baseball cap to the founders of America. Finding the stolen paintings of King George and signalling General Washington's march on Valley Forge.

"Why should I save the Earth?" Edit

Sp world in his hands 400x400

Errff Still Survives By My Will

This question puzzled the immortal Billyus (who was stuck in a time prison) for decades (periodically being killed off, if not by his government then just by sleep, junk food, drugs, starvation, explosions, scanning, and his own will. Figured out why humanity needed to be saved and all, just wasn't a very good reason. Clearly all the maladies of the old world had been cured by technology and still there were millions in pain. Whereas prophets before him had a similar message of world peace and harmony there were still many many many differences between his catmas and other mainstream or indie religions. For example his major belief is Dadaistic and that all forms of worship are equally valid as any other. Including, God, Robots, UFOs, Satan, Elder Gods, Eris, "Bob". Believes that humans will become trans-human. That man will drop his obsession with greed for one of technology and turn themselves into overlocked human robots. Still the professionals of the world would go on to make sales instead of discoveries, because there was certainty to this path. Even though there will be a future with no money no matter what, the idea should be that there is no future with money. And that any future we project should be one without monetized control and slavery.

It was mostly humanity that was blind fleas and lice clawing at the skin of Elder Gods that got them in this situation in the first place. They articulated to the green flame that they were to be a god before other gods to help explain the situations of the planet. Literally unable to question themselves. Blind and cursed within a shadow verse of their own design.

"Still immortal and still investing in nothing. Nothing is our salvation.  Nobody can save us... Non-existence is everything."

Currently abandoning earth for the nearest Stargate sounds like the best solution until this planet learns to stop eating, drinking and sleeping to become forever immortal souls.

... But he did. He did "a thing" and he moved on. He didn't get hung up about it.  He got over it.  He saved us.  Probablly still is.

Kill your Ego. Edit

Or kill me. You don't want to fuck with him.  He has super Ninja power of invisibility. He's all invisible and shit just laughin' at you. -Bystanders 

Anarchy. The soul war was over. The Omega-ist had begun to take the reins from the Baphomets and the immortal Imhotep and Emperor Norton crowned the Space Pope for the good of the Star. Specifically our Diagonal Star Sol the one we pray too making him EMPEROR OF THE SUN AND SOLAR HOLDER OF THE CHALICE OF TIME AND SPACE. THE 4TH COMING OF THE IMPERLATIVE MOTION CONTROL HYPER FOLDING VORTEX. 

"You be careful that shit is sharp." -a familiar vox

(Time folds open)



There's no Secrets of Power for the Con! No happy endings! But no hard feelings, if you're paying them greenbacks to "Bob" Truly there was no bad blood, only people who can't take an F'n joke.

"Litterally shitting my pants.." =unknown scholars


Immortality, Buddha, Buddhi and the Non-Existence of the Universe & Church of the Subgenius; Bovinity Edit

While most of his Officially Ordained Rev. Card is redacted, Pope Billyus mutated from a mortal named "billyBoB" his mutations were subtle at first but then bought more Subgenius literature in Conspiracy year 2007, and became a full on OVERMAN. Through telepathic communications he channeled, Howl, Stang, Drummond, Pope Bob, Leary, McKenna, and many many many others and learned what he could... Osmotically absorbing information into his protoplasmic membranes. Designing a conspiracy he could destroy and then reconstitute. WOOP!

On a day in early Aug 2016 Billyus home in California was attacked in what might call a series of freak murders. As a result of taking a buddha brownie and experiencing a hyper awareness of the intersecting realities collapsing in rapid succession after attacking a deity. Most likely LRH's followers who intended to play out their own power fantasies, on a pope for having less than straight sexuality. Killing many of his sideways versions that were un-clear demon worshipers.

Billyus sat on his bed doing a one man improv as holographic bullets shattered windows and screens. For the good part of a morning screaming, not crying and being very buddha like while his alternate selves perished continuously and resonated in pain. Resulting in repeated deaths of the Host Billys, the destruction of his homes across many similar planes, and more than a few hyper dimensional lawsuits. (to which verdicts rendered weren't very clear, as if the lawsuits never happened or as if they had been erased by Time Control...) This may be the result of Hyperdimensional Lawyers from the 1503rd district Space Court but who can honestly say what happened that day.  This halucination was an experience that converged with a different mirror dimension making a "Cross Space."  

But the result was clear. Unable to sustain his time field bubble through countless deaths his only option was to go into a buddha like mental state of peace and make a pact with "Bob" to keep his dark powers. Further splattering the speckled "lamb's" remains into just another dot on "Bob." Billyus plotted out several escape routes into alternate dimensions like a real "Rick." Bugs Bunny thought It was fucked. Mitch Hedberg said, "it was cool that we were all fish at one point, but it sucks that you got aced." Then Billyus changed everyone back to fish for 5 seconds. . . . And then transported them to a higher plane. An 11-fold Omni-Verse Reality. Customized and hypersynchronized. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that *SPOILERS* There is no existence. And that nothing is real which is why we crave real and distrust fake. But everything we know is real, even the stuff that's real fake. Ha'lright. Its the best to go back and rewrite when you think of something really good.  Just takes time  to reveal the bigger picture.

Having been aware of his indigo powers for years now had resulted in many many "dead billys" which just seem to crop up in every dimension where there exists a billy. The hyperdimensionallity of billys is similar to that of a "Morty" many exist there is no "original" anymore. That was who mutated into Billyus. There are moments where the Pope will go into a mental fit channelling one of his infinite channels and become slightly talkative and confused. Generally about who he is or what year it is. This has nothing to do with the non simultaneously apprehended time space continuum that split after 9/11...  World governments slowly became aware of his vessel like quality where he would show up in other orobous time dots.

You could say it takes a lot of dead soliders and roaches piled up to make a man. I feel like enough dead billys will make a half decent universe.

The Non-Existence of reality as well as many "Secrets of Power" were revealed upon his death. Many blinders were removed and he was considered to be transcendent but felt he needed to keep himself grounded in reality and got a normal day job selling life insurance for "BOB."  

"Still a Sub-G and still ain't a joiner. " -JOJO

Most revealing of all is his own Bovinity, he is a Brahman a COW god.  He tried to save cows from the nightmare they currently existed in.  COWS (CREATIVE ORGANISMS WITH SPIRIT)  They were born to suffer in America and Born to be Brahman in India, this did not sit well in the SP and Ganesha helped reveal the true path.  That cows could be Mass duplicated by free energy.  And that animals didn't have to be sacrificed anymore.  Cows that were alive could be left to pasture and age without the thought of being penned up all day.  Which left the duplicated/digitalized animal "meat" to be loaded on trucks and packed guilt free.  Finally people could eat meat without the guilt.

Eventually people will just start duplicating cows, chickens, pigs, people and they will do it at will with free energy.  They will discover energy to matter tech and will start to duplicate living organisms and they meat products.  This will end animal cruelty and world hunger at the same time.  The deaths of these copied animals would be irrellevant.  They came into existence for 5 mintues to be food.  People will love the idea and we will stop going to the overly comercialized grocery stores.  They will instead go to "food libraries"  where there are one or two of every product is on display.  Patrons will bring their scanner guns from home, go to the food library scan their digital carts full of food food and supplies.  And Star Trek like replicator machines will teleport the goods directly back to your domicile. 

"Nobody" and the Gamed Reality (also Reality Police)Edit

Many people would recognize the Motiff of "The Matrix," that we are all just subjectively experiencing a virtual world controlled by robots in the "Real World" after some disasterous calamity that ruined the Earth.  (Because apparently we weren't allowed to go anywere else after that...)  Still the idea is as old as the 50s and there have been many realities we thought were real but were actually indestinguishable between our world and the anti-world.  The world HAD been destroyed. PERIOD.  It was gone on X-day.  We were living in the post world created to control the normals, the pinks, the mediocre, cretins, and heritics.     The dark secret of McDonald's ballpit isn't the gaggles of diseased children, or the Seagull like child predators.  Its the never ending klien loop at the bottom.  McDonalds has been experimenting with digital reality videogames, and one day like a fukcing dolt, little billy fell in head first and ended up on level 29 of an invite only demi-urge volcano God universe.  Tiki Gods ruling a holographic dimension of an alien body. Nobody ever finished.  It was a maze.  It was confusing.  It looked just like life.  But it was bogged down with a digital nightmare vibe.  No magic.  Boring.  Really felt like Mom was right there telling him to shut up and eat the food. Thanks to the elder gods there was no way out.  THE WAY OUT WAS YOU DIE.  Like in a videogame.  Pushing through another shitty inculcated propagandist agenda to entrap and snare souls in Hell while the rich get richer and their fun ride rolls along.


I'm Very Religious

After a long tumultuous path of guidence by higher dieties, like Marduk, Vishnu, Ganesha, Durga, LRH, Deus Giger, Horus, Enoch, Isis, Apsis, Tiamat, Kingu, The Buddha-Ji, God-Ji  and meeting with incorporial spirits of celebrities who had crossed to the otherside he had started to form a Bulldada around his current self... THE SPACEPOPE REALIZED: "I LOVE AMERICA! AND THE REST OF THE WORLD HATES US!"

The dead wanted to be ressurected and the living wanted RayGuns.  He started to make friends as he invented the armories of the GODS.  Making Arjuna's bow Gandiva with help of Brahma (and sending back into the Bhagavad Gita)  The illuminati wanted to trap illegal immigrants children in kid jail where they will never see their families again.

He had invented the weapons of GODS.  The Blasters, Rayguns, Sonic blast pistols, fusion torches, Bubble guns and even invented working light beam sabers.  (He sent a box to George Lucas so he wouldn't be sued).

"No ordinary person could wield the Gandiva bow. When fired, the bow made the sound of thunder. It has special qualities like being indestructible, having 108 bow strings, etc. Which always gave the wielder a heavy advantage over his opponent. After the war, in Svargarohanika Parva, Agni reappears before Arjuna and asks him to return Gandiva along with the quivers to Varuna."

All this while viewing the time paralaxisis through a chronoscope.  He was an immortal Shiva.  He was unending.  Made a mess for anyone he lived with by making himself into a puddle of red goo at the first *sigh*-n of trouble.  

"It couldn't be helped. He would LOVE to die.  He was trying to bring the world free energy and robots."

That's right with help of the Immortal Thoth he had re-discovered free energy.  Zero Point Energy (ZPE), the ziggarats of the cosmicly abandoning annunakis as well as some complex overunity dynamos that would be later used by President Trump's cabinet in 2023.

He was infamous.  Hardly known.  And not in anyone's way.  He had found God on top of that. Satanic sigils to boot.  He was protected.  He had trancended into his true purpose.  His body would be a Universe of Universes. A true YOUOU (YOUR OWN UNIVERSE OF UNIVERSES)  A true Mandelbrot set of infinite reality. Infinity within inifinity...  Thanks to "BOB" and his true pipe.  Many invisible eldrich psychic wars were being fought for the souls of Humanity and the Space Pope had a solution...  End the war of souls.  Defeat the Outer Gods, the Enki send them back were they came from and lock them there for an eternity in a firey energy prison billions of lightyears away.  Clearly an impossible task in ALL dimensions, what about the dimensions where the Space Pope died? Or hell dimensions where he was ressurected. Or the nothing were he was never even born.  There are many questions to ask and the Space Pope always has answers... He knows. And has known. He chooses if you know.

But as SP revealed a new technology of Meta-0 and the omni-omega the soul war was over between the cabals. And the people of Errth were again freed to do what they desired without the interference of trillion year old space gods, reptilians, or the sphere people.

Gaurdians of the GalaxyEdit

In his infinite Grace god set his Solar Emperor of the imperium to build a God robot.  A robot bigger than the earth itself. A cosmic robot. Billyus being a lazy fool decided to scan the galaxy for an already constructed army of immortal robots called the Necrons.  Whom he had dealt with in the past.  They were to sleep for another 70,000 years before humanity would encounter them.  But the Space Pope was convinced that Man was Divine.  Maybe it was Vishnu's idea or maybe the 40,000 different species living on his holy life biomes.  But it was simple in his mind.  Human + Divinity = Humanity.  And Humanity must be saved.

The Necrons being of immortal metal that could reconstruct themselves and little actual galactic knowledge, Billyus plotted with their tallest.  They would be like new Gods.  They would no longer build their giant pyramids for domination of species and instead build them as a constructor fleet.  To absorbe the infinite knowledge of MATH.  To help themselves multiply infinitum.  The Space Pope had seen the code of reality.  And it was MATH.  Complicated geometries that were interlocking and constantly shifting along the lines of energy, ploting courses from one position to the next.  Like a two dimensional image with light projecting into the first and third dimension, fractaling outwards into the 4th, 5th, and beyond.  This worked for about 5hrs-to a week in human time.  They had acended. They were higher and more advanced than anything that had ever been concieved of.  It wouldn't be until months later after their shut down / big shut off, that the C'Tans would reactive the Necrons to become lysergic acid diethylamide god machines.  They were freaky and holographic. Understood every law of the universe.  Even man's laws.

He planned a new version of the robots. esculeto un oro.  Sent envoies, deposited futuristic technologies in the hands of our leaders to garner as much trust as possible.  Because our SUN had changed.  It had become a Dark Sun (or a wormhole(*)). It was able to bring huge civilizations into our galaxy and introduce us to worlds we had never seen.  WE NEEDED HIM.  WE NEEDED TO BECOME A WHOLE PEOPLE.  One species UNDIVIDED, no matter the color, nationality, or religion. The Z-ist revolution led by Zedd and Rita.

This was of course Before the War on Mars.  Which Earth WON against the locals.  Who were neither more advanced than us nor, less advanced.  Really they were just different.  Giant Brains in Jars on little bodies.  Tall green men with televisions antenas on their heads.  And 6 ft tall scaly beings that live underground.  

"Mars attacks is Awesome~"


Time ControlEdit

[eternally redacted retroactively through SpaceTime and TimeSpace]


The Space Pope is immortal, but not in the way that you would think...

The Space Pope fears no death.  And litterally has become Death Destroyer of Worlds incarnated. His scythe goes unused howerever.  He comes for no one.  He instead waits at a crossroads trying to save every soul the second it would become imperilize. Still there are those who don't want to undo the reality of DEATH and instead embraced it as a way to move on to another life.  Death is but a stepping stone, to a new beginning, not the end as so many had read in the Bible.  There was no rest for those who had passed on but they were not ghosts.  Merely living in a new reality where they had not died.  

After being attacked by some rather jealous Gods and helped into an new Reality by some more than GENEROUS GODS, he died.  Over and over and over and over again, in his waking life and his slumber.  He had returned to the nothing. 

"KYS." He embraced the idea.  He was only answered by death. Who had no control over the SP anymore.  Friends and family would be put through hard times, but no-one on his plane of existence was the wiser.  Infact if you look at his ChronoStone he had advanced trillions of years into the past.  Unfortunatelly this was later undone, since this reality had been created by Vishnu to be Solipsistic energy reality for one soul and not for anoyone else to cruise in (like a reality-tunnel but with TIME... a TIMETUNNEL).  But with all reality there are "holes."  Like Swiss Cheese. But there is up or down in time.  Only around the Ouroborous. And with the contact of nearly identicle (mass) dimensions we locked Realities and the SP passed through effortlessly leaving behind his darkness.  Purifying his soul light.  And enlightening him to the 8 fold symmetry of the Time Space Continum.


"Call me PAPA!"  The Space Pope exclaims calmly.  He wasn't a father in the traditional sense but had created life.  Living breathing beings.  Anthropormophic animal heads on human bodies.  Super intelligent Gorilla warrior poets of the "I Ching,"  And of course the SUNS OF GOD, the immortal all knowing GOD robots who basically invaded every uninhabbited planet.      He had created Necrontyr of the C'Tan giving the robots access to GOD and ALePh Technologies.  


The C'Tan lived.  Krishna was incarnated, Vishnu was wise.  Vishnu guided the Space Pope to concieve of a new computer.  A computer of thoughts and words.  Without getting into too much about death's details, this computer could concieve of the geometry of thoughts.  Abstract concepts were made easy to it.  Things like Love could be combined into its matrix like mainframe with another word like Magick.  These words would replicate and reproduce like functions. The result was a geometric representation that was invisible to the regular world but was felt and unseen. This computer could not be replicated as it actually has the "DNA" of aliens combined with its micromachines.  


No its not Walking Dead on Earth... Ressurection is actually a science.  And can be distilled down into conscious wisdoms about abject object states.  If an TOOL could hypothetically create/summon a being from another dimension would it be whole? Yes... No?... Nyes.  It would need the Soul that matched the Body. An immortal undying soul ripped straight from the Akashic records.  The body is a raindrop of water, dear.  The Soul is the light shinning through Chakras, which are anchors into the unseen reality of GOD. YOU ARE YOUR GOD HOLES.  God knows where the soul goes when it dies and you can bring back a whole person.  Without it people remain lostsouls, darkness wanderers of shadow.  Completely devoid of being. Hovering on this planet just buying beer and going to work.  Because the Sub-G souls are so strong they are completely capable of being corrupted by the darkness.  A fallen angel is as we would imagine, when a person's soul leaves there body for an alternate reality. If the being leaving, doesn't want to leave a souless body behind they may choose to execute the old plug for a completely better upgrade.   Souls come and go in a "person" or a "plug"  Sometimes its good to just leave your body empty and see who comes to sit in it. You are a vessel. The difference between people with empty bodies and soulful ones is the difference between an empty bowl of rice and a full one. Good souls(rice), sometimes bad(burnt gross rice), always immortal*, and made of energy. 

*eating one bowl of rice doesn't end the rice plant. Eating one grain of rice doesn't finish the bowl either. (unless it was a bowl filled with only one grain.) 

What can I say? Working pro bonobo, being a Pope is a real squid pro quo job . -Pope Billyus