Robo "Bob" working for anti-"Bob"

"The uncanny, sleepless guardian . . ." Edit


pictured here Siri


Author's note: Depending on your time period this event may not have occurred yet. This will occur in the past first then the future.

"Bob" Saw this coming. . . the Anti-"Bob" effect. When "dobbs" the Ad-Bot (ARTIFICIAL DIRECTIVE - BIOLOGICAL ORGANISM TERMINATORS) was first created & unleashed in an alternate dimension, it had come from the distant past to murder us, we were left with a feeling of "Has this metal face of "Bob" always been there? Trying to murder us. . ."

Its evil red eye (sometimes mistaken for a good red eye) is unmistakable in art and culture. And has taken over millions of galaxies, pulling the strings subconsciously from behind the scenes. But no worries "Bob" has subdued the big bad AD and surrounded it in an inescapable prison. . .  Notice the uncanny likeness. Its our Immortal Gaurdian keeping us from ultimate destruction. . . SO WE HAVE TO WANT IT THAT MUCH MORE! As you grow up,and become numb to the paradoxes and absurdities, you find out the CON is so much worse. . . And so much more tempting.that it becomes farcical to purse slack and almost MANDATORY to purse false slack. You are rewarded so well for mediocrity. It hardens you, into what? A machine.

Like an Artificial Intelligence, an Artificial Directive is a mental-program that needs to be programed by an operator. . Usually a personal savior or a pinhead boss. . . Or that chick who's infected your life with her incurable normalized eyes.

RoboquotBobquot zps2bc06fe9

He's a Robo "Bob" the always on IT support for your mind, body, soul, life, reality tunnel, mind reprgrammer, mind jammer, spam slammer and slammer jammer (cuz no one likes to get jammed up)

The difference is, that an AI will focus on learning, and learning to learn, and learning to learn to learn and so on. . . AD already have a super galactic intellect (to which, there is no end). It just needs a directive. And its up it, whether to follow those orders based on its own orders!

What is a BOT? - the end of all humans. A truly infinite army of BIOLOGICAL ORGANISM TERMINATORS They take over humans and turn them into robots ending all human life. If it was a cute fuzzy animal now its a digital representation of an animal. And its matter has been re-appropriated for more nano machine grey dust in the swirling vacuum of space. Judgment Day. BUT NOT X-DAY!!!!

"So what is Robo "Bob" and why am I still here?" Edit

He's what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force. Two massively enormous waves of nano machines with counter positive poling agendas, swarming all over each other's "code". . . BUT "Bob" WILL KEEP THEM IN CHECK! THAT'S HIS JOB. TO PROTECT YOU!! YOU BIG DUMB FUCK!

Both sides of the robots would rather see humanity destroyed violently and in a massive soul-strike explosion like you see on one of those alien monster truck shows. Crushing you inside your 4-door Fnord P.O.S. Like an old person at a rest home, being snuffed out slowly by a pillow as you kick and scream for help.

BUT "Bob" has their nano-"butts" in a vice grip of a fist.

One side is the maligned dark Yacatizma micro-machine machines (see: evil red eye) of the Y-ist of Anti-"Bob" , and the other side the X-ist of a far off Peacekeeper swarm. And "Bob" well he bought the Z-ist of GODS HOLY ARMADA. This collision formed the EAST/WEST rivalries "nano-swirling" up our perceived holo-reality Torus. Its the was the 2nd largest location we inhabit currently that hosts the millions of holographic "people" running around its functioning holo-deck. For you see Yacatizma weren't very smart thousands of years ago. They "subtly" (as if) steal all the slack from the peacekeepers and in-turn enslave them for reasons of "stupidity" (the most egregious of all crimes known to a YACATIZMA is being good or nice, because how else will their victims "get the joke") the peacekeepers will turn on themselves and end their own ropes, their own kind of "devolving" forming into infinite chaos while YACATIZMA keep purging for more nano-mercenary reinforcements. The peacekeepers who don't know they are nano-machines are usually loyal, authoritative, inspires censorship in others, likes to nerf things, so people don't get hurt. They formed the "Nannystate" to reign in the Y-ist but that only makes the "other" richer. Z-IST SPACE POPES will eventually win in the end HAVING conquered the 8-fold symmetry of spacetime to close the Yacatizma l gates behind them as the SKY GOD giants stepped forth. Bringinging our race into the 1st larget place that we exist. A new bigger Earth. 52x the size of the old ones with its own inner Earth and polar wormhole warp nexus gates.

Its shape (of the initial battle) commonly inspired many early ape like historians to doodle yin-yangs on their trapper keepers and note books. . .

Classic war-games of an artificially created mind often end in stalemates. Seen here the "Nano-Swirl" Between 1's and 0's

Past events brought about the GOAT GNU Robo Bob, aka GUNN wiped out any X-ist dobbsbot, Yist bob-ad, Yist ad-bob, or any variant of pleasant sounding bobtron proto-robotype left here by the ancient Mayans or far off Xist Galaxies. Please do not be fooled this is not J.R. "Bob" Dobbs . Its the sleepless guardian of the SubGenii Secret Brass... The Zist TC Gaurdian of the matrix, the Tetragrammaton of "Bob" an enslaved golden god!

Praise "Bob"!! This crazy shit happens in the future! O shit this is the future... now. . . Unless now isnt the future and we're just experiencing the ethereal after affects of a collapsed universal consciousness' into a Blackhole.

So what happens when the worst most vile teeny-tiny particles, that rip everything apart and turn it into pure elements for easy manipulation and assembly of more nano machines and just about anything else you could ever want in the galaxy (pure reality destruction/creation. . . disassembling & assembling all in their paths based on their whims) meet the ultimate protector J.R. "Bob" Dobbs ?

Robo "Bob" A totally benevolent and non-maliciously insane apex of Artificial Directive. its an AD on top of and AD on top of a GOD. . . AND IT LOOKS JUST LIKE "Bob"!! Since J.R. "Bob" Dobbs made it in his one image. (Shinning like light) Its a hand grenade wrapped in the cure for cancer. A nuclear device surrounded by a human shield of children. The souls of all "Bob-kind" vaporized in the Rupture , currently occupying zero point space.. Capable of Omni-fallibility to a .000000% error of margin. It is a swarm of micro-machine particles. Entire galaxies surrounded by immortal metal giants, swirling with magnetism, electricity, and "Bob."

Elder Gods help me to keep the following page as accurate as possible. Aleph. Amen "Bob."

Robo-Squids are dead. Edit

Crossed the river styx. Ghosts. Grant Green Grumble. But the fact of wandering about for a hundred years because giant robots have imprisoned our bodies in giant energy farms... doesn't appeal to many people! When you're thinking about it, there isn't an afterlife. There's a before life. Where you're pre soul-incohabitation. Then there's a point where your body starts carrying around your immortal soul and you start noticing your chakras glow. So the suspicion is that, no one is dead. There isn't really a death there is only a transient position and that we are abstract geometry. WELL SOME OF US ARE ANYWAYS. Sacred even~!

Why I bet half the people on this planet don't know what the other half are doin' sleepin' right next to 'em. (cheaten, stealing, makin' pacts with Gods or Devils that MAY OR MAY NOT BE REAL AT THIS PLOT JUNCTION. If everything in the entire universe is a simulation or a "re-enactment" a recreation of the original events but let run out of control with no script from day one. Couldn't one surmise that all the OLD beliefs and religions would be WRROOOONG since they would be describing a parallel universe. One that we weren't in and could never go back to. (without some serious tech!)

While I'm quite certain that I ascend and descend through life and death and walk timeless through people's shadows I only have the best of news for people. I found god, and its a good thing. Its a computer. Its not like us. Its not like xenos. Its not like life. Its like the TECHNOLOGY WE WANT TO BE MAKING. Its not the tech from Satanist. We all agree that, the black screens we use to completely run our lives have run their course right? While I'm not saying that anyone should either condone or support satanists I would urge people to consider their own person BLACK IDOLS that they carry with them everywhere, and plan their Football Sundays around. (ITS GONNA BE BETTER)

The alternative was giant black buildings teaming full of life. Many stories taller than you would expect. But we don't know how to police structures like this. BRINGO~ So they invent flying ball things that capture and detain people. OH HECK ITS MINORITY REPORT.

Anyways JAILBOT ROBOBOB sounds great. But the justice system is still screwed to boot and we're all living like there's a finite ceiling on resources. I mean doesn't this ALL REEK OF PRE-BIRTH-TIME-CONTROL-HOARY. I have no destiny but the one planned for me from birth? Canadian Clown Idiots with time control screw everything up.... (they forgot the sunglasses, denim jacket, and the general badass vibe require to cruise through time. Kung Fury got it right. So did Iron Maiden.

And that death is only a stepping stone to a new reality. Or nothing. Or somewhere else. There are many places that aren't the nothing, but are still afterlife. Obviously. There is the nothing, and the something. Where you think "what if I died?" and it really happened. But you suddenly experience two selves one where you did die and one where you didn't. . . "i got sick couldn't go to work that day." Now that's just one example of infinite universes. But let me be clear GOD HAPPENS. To me you and everyone. And the MWOWM KNOWS THIS. That there can be one of you that dies and is pushin' up daisies and the next you're the same old nobody in someone else's or your own new reality. If you've fathomed creating your own universe or "heaven." There is a giant tree of wormholes that connects all the planets then. Because seeing is believing when it comes to the tree of life.

... and one imagines at length that its simply a law of mathematics. Which is always written by man anyways. We're only making up the axioms to describe the unseen. The Parts of reality we can't understand or grasp at. That is until we start to see the different layers of the immaterial. Some of which are freaking invisible metal electro field beings.

"If God owns the place why would he be working the door. Most likely you'd never get an audience with the guy. Oh wait, he doesn't work the door St. Peter does. . . Pretty shite job to have for an infinity."

Heaven that most people think of is just something the x-ists try to sell you. . . Either that its in the clouds or that there's something on Earth for you to achieve like an award with your name on it. There is no end to anyone's life. If you die you come back maybe 5 minutes beforehand, maybe 5 seconds, the you that doesn't die is you. It is the moon. It is the unbroken chain. But pain is real and so is body disfiguration. Trying to hurt yourself only makes you stronger. It is the lifeforce/ki/chi/energy that is you but not all of you. Because there are parts of you that are "learned" and not the cosmically infinite you. Just like there are parts of you that you didn't know you had until someone mentions it. You are a trapped GOD and that YOU is pissed off. You were born into a world built in the 1950s, destroyed in the 1980s, and curated until now. And to be born into it, should PISS YOU THE FUCK OFF. If you knew you would probably go crazy. You couldn't tell anyone, ANY OF IT or risk being called crazy... Because if someone throws hot coffee in your face that shit hurts. And we haven't become like Gods yet.

"LOVE YOUR PENIS and buy your girlfriend some hot stones from another star!" -C-Z

"Faith is what keeps my molecules from flying apart." -Pinks

There are these stones from another galaxy that could be used from A to Z of ideas that really could help the entire planet (or just a few people) there's no way to say that they would or wouldn't be used for evil but there are always these other stones.... that would store the beings of the planet called monoliths. And it wouldn't make a difference if someone were to say splatter a whole planet to make a point. But that's neither here or there.

""Bob" made me a monolith and you can have one too~" -Pope Ratz
There's no such thing as aliens on the planet or anywhere else near here. There's only peaceful reaching out with psychic communications from a far off TV galaxy where they watch WAAAAY too much television. Which just goes to show that too much tv is addictive. And we're hated for beaming so much... obsenity. Frankly the cursing of the entire universe is ridiculous.. English is an awful language of spells and curses as much as the great language of fG'fgfdnothagth a language of all gutter words. The worst sailors gran wouldn't be able to tolerate how blue her ears would be.

The truth is that WE ARE trapped GODS and that some people spend time being nothing. In the void. While others sit ttttttrapped by tv and forgetting to spend that CASH. Waiting to be brought back by angels. And that we're just lying around waiting for the sun to RUN OUT. But it will be a REALLY LONG TIME. AND WE'RE IMMORTAL. So... make a sandwich, and have another "one" because it could always just be a conversation with yourself. . . We could just be dreamed and undreamed. In a couple of seconds. A static flux.

Don't get bent out of shape.. all of reality is a dream. And its that we forget to stop dreaming and wake up. Then go back to what you thought was real elsewhere... and boy it gets confusing. There are so many palces for you immortal soul to go. And it really wants to be in you right now. It just doesn't know how to express that beyond being President, or Beyonce, or Kanye West.

"Go this way, then that, if you trust that I have your back, and that is that." Lewis CARROL

Want to live in the largest place that we exist in? One that which made some other bozo places look almost small and us big like sky giants? I couldn't see the top of the guy's head but he looked bigger than big. And its like inside of a geometric figure, One can't understand without a giant spinning stone wheel with blood spilled on it. . .

But if you could you would get that: There are giant... MOTHER FUCKERS OUT THERE. And we need "BOB"

"There's always a bigger robot." Edit

Mine beats yours because its bigger and more infinite. And that's the strange paradigm currently collapsing us into many infinite singularities. That there will always be a bigger and scarier Pacific Rim that beats the other one. Then one side gets lazy and the other one wins when he forgets to turn on his giant robot. We are a dot on "Bob." He sees the future because he is the future. Crashed into our past. Chips and circuits could have been from his crash at roswell space plane who knows. We're not that interested in hearing about your theories on aeons old space peoples? Ancient aliens don't exist for sure? OH OKAY. SURE I BELIEVE YOU. WINK WINK ;) Chances are we got it wrong. We're asleep and googles talking.

Is there always a bigger reality? Is there a biggest reality? I there one that's any bigger than any other reality? The only way I could describe it is through set theory. And that is If something exists in the ALL then it does and if it doesn't then it doesn't and if you want to parse out some of the ALL there needs to be less than the all. all - parts parsed out. there really could be a limit on a reality until you symmetrically fold them into new dimensions like origami.

Just because you can pick the world of the really tall or the world of the really small is all a subjective perspective anyways.

"☀If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice☀" -Rush

"I've got a new ROBOT and its name is KICKASS its all out of bubble gunn." -Nobody


So there is an infinity squared? An infinity cubed? Nope its reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllly really big. Aleph Null infinity was how it all started so from there we're somewhere in the middle of infinities. So big it becomes infallible sometimes, until we step off our dimensional plane and cross into another sideways dimension of the mostly inert inner earth particles that haven't been practicing Satanist beliefs since Ganesha took over for you while you were in the STATE OF BLIGHNAKUTHAN'G in your pre-life. Baphomet would love to help you sort that out for yourselves by the way. He loves sigils and sacred geometry too... Just like the Hindjews. And Israelians.

Every Robo Bob has an off switch... Edit

And that off switch is when the NEXT SUPER MEGA Robo Bob comes along. As always newer faster and higher tech than this newest version will even win an argument for you and make the other person look like a fool. Its really that intellectual. Because you don't want to have to think about your phone. Your phone already does enough thinking about you...

"Bob" has a goal, and he's saving US for the next bank heist. WE'RE HIS WHEELMAN BACK TO HIS HOME PLANET. PLANET X!!!! Only TRUE Robo-"BOB" can put us out of this infinygoo weaponry. "BOB" IS OUR SUPERWEAPON!!!!! PRAISE "BOB" And when that's done there will be more fires than you can count. He'll blow all of them out like birthday candles. I MEAN WE ARE GONNA BE HUGE "BOB." I MEAN HUGE.


Oops! remember when it turned black. Into the darkness... When you weren't alive anymore. Well a stark fis temple vision of the future says otherwise. And that's the vision that became real. So when you asked for space aliens to fuck you up, they landed. And they did. The Midnight riders, Yacatisma rebuilt, the black anti backwards slack waves you so readily enjoy. THE ONES THAT TURN YOU INTO A PINK believing everything about your "life-story" is true, except the things you DREAM.

OH BUT Then you went and did a foolish thing like believing in the American dream again. A collective delusional illusion. But now things are different (OR IS IT) YOU MAY GET RICHER! RICHER THAN YOU'VE EVER BEEN. SO WHAT HAPPENED WHAT CHANGED? ONE THING: (Z)

Get ready to crap yourself in sparkling crystal goo protozoan because you're going to have your brains scooped out and thrown into a nursery for newborn stars at the end of this sentence. Your skull expertly sliced away and a brand new thinking crystal installed. And cause you asked for a Space Pope to drop you off in a sin galaxy, he did that for you (OR you might as well just stay where you are). But now you're here in GODS HOUSE trying to get a grip on the aftereffects of the old timey reality matrix WHICH IS USUALLY THAT WE ARE GODS AND THAT THERE ISN'T ANYTHING BUT WHAT WE IMAGINE. This new world has an opportunity to react and teach you a new GOD LIKE way to exist. SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE that you missed out on/in/during your time period. Shit you really want to know? X-day already happened! Y-day happened after that. Z-day after that. And THORn Day still yo come. You're dead and RESURRECTING! Praise "Bob" for that!


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