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Nick largo

Rev. Nick lARGO of the Church of the SubGenius.


Poster put together by Rev. Nick Largo that was used to promote X-Day 18 in 2015.

Rev. Nick LaRG0, ASC is a long-time SubGenius minister, director, artist, and corpse mover.


LaRG0 has been a SubGenius minister since the early days of the Modern Church. He was co-director and corpse animator for the world premiere production of the Brooks Caruthers one-act play "Killing 'Bob'".[1] He has done artwork for projects including promotion of the XVIII X-Day in 2015.[2]

It's rumored he's listed on Connie Dobbs' "My Top 100 Lovers of the 20th Century List (1990 edition)", but that is unconfirmed.

Conspiracy careerEdit

LaRG0 has been a system adminstration and manager of various information systems since 1988. He's been building Internet networks since 1990, and has run engineering for start-ups.

He's contributed to Wikipedia since 2006. LaRG0 has worked on several private-group and highly-specialized wikis, mostly mediawiki, and has been the technical writer and/or editor on thousands of projects over the last 20 + years.

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