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NHGH is one of the gods, but not an Elder God. He is the son of the Goddess Nunu and HIMSELF! And the twin sister goddesses Nunu and Narnini are daughters of Eris Discordia and Jehovah 1, both of whom are Elder Gods. NHGH has a terrible grin, worse than that of "Bob", and is the smiling face behind The Conspiracy.

He is the product of the Negative Timestream and has many aspects, which combine to form the HyperNHGH. Just as Satan is the father of the Anti-Christ, NHGH is the father of the Anti-"Bob". While "Bob" is the embodiment of Slack and surfing the Luck Plane, NHGH is the rebel trickster god of Bad Luck. Since he is the son-in-law and grandson of Eris Discordia, who is the ex-wife of "Bob", this makes NHGH the ex-step-son-in-law and ex-step-grandson of "Bob". This at least partially explains why "Bob" and NHGH are polar opposites. NHGH is the driving force behind The Conspiracy and the god of The Bozos, and the one who always sabotages the plans of the Church of the SubGenius such as X-Day. Since NHGH experiences time backwards, he will be born in the future, and he died in the past. All SubGenii await the day when NHGH is no longer around, after his backwards-in-time birth in the future, because then there will be nobody left to oppose "Bob" and we will finally triumph.


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