Mars protest

Martian activists protesting against human imperialist pig-dogs on Earth, obvious signs there will be a war on Mars in the future

Mars is a planet often confused with Earth, because they are so similar. Some SubGenii claim that X-Day already happened, Earth actually DID have everything on it destroyed and that the planet we are all on right now is Mars. Others claim that The Conspiracy terraformed Mars and WWII was a cover for a planetary swap so the X-ists would destroy the real Earth (now in Mars' place) and X-Day wouldn't result in the Rupture. According to the dogma, both explainations must be correct.

Mars is home to the Martian peen worm, whose reproductive cycle is explained in this classic documentary by Rev. Ivan Stang:

Reproduction Cycle In Lower Life Forms Under the Rocks of Mars10:42

Reproduction Cycle In Lower Life Forms Under the Rocks of Mars

There is also a war on Mars that is part of what takes place in another of Stang's documentaries, the 1953 Let's Visit the World of the Future.

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