Steampunk "Bob"

Is this "Bob"? NYES! And SubGenii have the F.I.B., Faith In "Bob", and believe this to be true.

Faith In "Bob", a.k.a. the F.I.B., is one of the central tenets of the Church of the SubGenius and its dogma. All SubGenii have Faith In "Bob", yet Faith In "Bob" is an acronym, F.I.B., and a fib is the same thing as a lie, for those of you without mad vocabularity skillz when you're spittin' rhymes on the mic.

This is because the Church of the SubGenius is no ordinary religion, but a cynisacreligion based on Slack, which is inherently contradictory and full of lies and paradoxes, which every SubGenius believes in not in spite of how nonsensical it is but BECAUSE OF how nonsensical it is.

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