Abstinence Fairy

The Abstinence Fairy, one of MANY fairies in Fairyland

The fairies they get magic with their red hats and green coats and they taught me how to sing. The are real because I learned from them and they drink with me and we have great parties and it's fun. How do you know what it is? You don't.

This live action video about "Bob" and some SubGenius bulldada was filmed in Fairyland:

Fairyland video removed by the conspiracy.

Fairyland could be the Greatful Dead parking lot.  It really could be.

There are runes everywhere, there are energies appearing and vanishing, laughing cerebaphiles looking for a new groove in space time.  Gazing into the eyes of God with Acid tinted glasses.   Existing for millions of years in the depths of space following the Acid boom of spiritual awakening.  The point is that fairyland is real and of the parrallel dimensional Errffs (Earth if you're pink) that we are slightly aware of but we never truly know the depths of it. 

Here's a video of Duncan Trussell describing fairyland:

This Is Not Happening - Duncan Trussell - Dying on Acid - Uncensored14:52

This Is Not Happening - Duncan Trussell - Dying on Acid - Uncensored

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