Eris Discordia

Eris Discordia, holding the original Apple of Discord

Eris Discordia was originally the Greek goddess of chaos, but nowadays is worshiped by Discordians, and is one of the Elder Gods. The ancient Greeks worshiped her as Eris and the ancient Romans worshiped her as Discordia, so the Erisian Cult goes back over 2,000 years, older than Christianity.

Eris Discordia is said to be one of "Bob" Dobbs's many wives (or was... some claim she is an ex-wife). However, Steve Jackson, popularizer of the Church in his edition of Principia Discordia and the Master behind INWO SubGenius, says "Bob" and Eris weren't married but were "good friends."  Some Church records list Eris Discordia as a wife not of "Bob" but of Jehovah 1.

In any case, Planet X is named after her by Conspiracy astronomers, called the "dwarf planet Eris" by those who voted to deny it full planet status (in a typical snub to the Goddess). Wikipedia has an article about her as well as an article about the FULL-FLEDGED PLANET named after her. Here is a video of her reciting the Brag of the SubGenius:

Eris Rants recites the Brag of the Subgenius04:52

Eris Rants recites the Brag of the Subgenius


And here she is using Time Control:



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