Magic Pink Pony

The Magic Pink Pony, one of many award-winning works of art by Dr. Legume

Dr. K'Taden Legume is CEO of the SubGenius Foundation who took it in a violent coup from Rev. Ivan Stang in 2012.[1]

The doctor is one of the most famous SubGenii and took over from Papa Joe Mama as leader of the Holocaustals in a violent confrontation involving a rigged poker game. (Legume lost the game, so he was forced to take over the cult.) He is one of the most militant leaders of the Church of the SubGenius, often enslaving new Bobbie recruits who show up to X-Day.

Before joining the Church, he was the leader of a violent biker gang, and he is covered in tattoos. He has survived several heart attacks, and attributes his survival to the fact that he eats a healthy diet primarily consisting of bacon and the fact that he is a damn near intolerably sexy cyborg, more machine than man.

Binky Goes NutsEdit

Dr. Legume was a villain who appeared in Binky the WonderSkull's nightmare in "Binky Goes Nuts." His partner was Anna Phylaxis.

Because of his new peanut allergy, Binky cannot eat any peanut products. This upset Dr. Legume enough to stick Binky on giant slice of bread covered in jelly and threaten to press him with a giant slice of bread covered with peanut butter. Bionic Bunny burst in and wrapped up the duo with the peanut butter slice, and flew Binky to safety.[2]


He has produced a great deal of SubGenius propaganda, including a lot of great art such as the Dobbs Ikon, and many excellent videos on YouTube such as this one:

When You See Those Flying Saucers02:17

When You See Those Flying Saucers

Legume doesn't just make awesome videos, he also appears in them too, like this video of him preaching:


Dr. Legume's Sermon at Baltimore SubGenius Devival 2007

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