Comrade "Bob"

"Bob" has a plan, comrades!

A cynisacreligion is a religion that is cynical and sacrilegious towards other religions as well as itself, and cynisacreligion is a type of Forbidden Science. For instance, the Church of the SubGenius is a cynisacreligion. There are many other copycat cynisacreligions, for instance the Discordians and the Pastafarians, basically a bunch of cheap knockoff cults all copying the word of "Bob" just to make a cheap buck. However, none of them are TRUE cynisacreligions, since the Church of the SubGenius is the ONE TRUE CYNISACRELIGION. Rival cults will all perish when X-Day comes, and the SubGenii will be triumphantly Ruptured to the Escape Vessels.

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