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Bobbie brains

For those without Yeti ancestry, such as Bobbies, the effects of "Bob" on their already addled brains can be quite harmful.

Bobbies are basically n00bz to the Church of the SubGenius who are obsessed with "Bob" and won't shut up about him, who don't understand the "Short Duration" part about having a Short Duration Personal Savior. They are not that different from Pinks, except for the fact that if they do pay their membership dues to join the Church of the SubGenius, they are just as much entitled to rides on the Pleasure Saucers as the true Yetinsyny who have outgrown such Bobbie childishness as talking about "Bob" all the time. All SubGenii sign up for the deal "eternal salvation or triple your money back", and while the Yetinsyny, the true SubGenii, are pretty much guaranteed eternal salvation, Bobbies will probably screw things up so badly, all they end up with is triple their money back. But still, that is a really good deal. Just for an idea of how terrible Bobbies are, take a look at this Bobbie website. Isn't it the most horrible website you've ever seen? Here's a classic video of Rev. Ivan Stang ranting about awful, slackless Bobbies back in 1985:

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