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Advanced Supersonic Aluminum Nazi Hell Creatures from Beneath the Hollow Earth , called Nazi Hell Creatures or Deros for short, are semi-mechanoid, insectoid, serpentine zombies that inhabit huge networks of caverns below the Earth's surface, inside what is known as the "Hollow Earth ", and they are minions of the Elder Gods. They are demonic entities of the abyss, and if you dig deep enough anywhere on Earth, hordes of them will come crawling out and eat you alive.

"Bob" posing in front of graffiti left by Deros

History Edit

They are also connected to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis; for instance, when Adolf Hitler supposedly "committed suicide" in his underground bunker, what ACTUALLY happened was the Nazi Hell Creatures burrowed a hole up into his bunker, rescued him so he could hide out inside the Hollow Earth with them, placed a decoy dead body of Adolf Hitler in his place in the bunker, and then closed up the hole into the bunker so the Soviet soldiers wouldn't find any evidence of it. Adolf Hitler was granted unusually long life by them, because the god Hitler and the Nazis served, Wotan, was none other than Jehovah 1 under one of his many aliases. However, the Nazi Hell Creatures have been around for countless aeons, whereas Germany's Nazi movement only began in the year 1918. Currently, Adolf Hitler is one of many slaves the Nazi Hell Creatures have toiling underground, all of them people who were kidnapped from the surface world and replaced with decoy dead bodies, and the slaves are kept alive eternally through the power of the Elder Gods as they do all the work for the Nazi Hell Creatures, who live lives of luxury deep underground. The torture techniques of the Nazi Hell Creatures include "death", wherein someone's body is destroyed and they are transferred to a new body created by the Nazi Hell Creatures, and all of their memories are erased, for eternal torment at the hands of the fiendish Deros. One of the many things the enslaved Adolf Hitler is forced to do by the Deros is make countless YouTube videos that make fun of him; he finds this form of torture more excruciating than anything else, including "death". Everyone else appearing in those videos is also a slave of the Deros kept underground.

AdvancedSupersonicAluminumNaziHellCreaturesfromBeneaththeHollowEarth zps89874f42

Luckily for Adolf Hitler, he bought a membership in the Church of the SubGenius back in the 1930s, before it even officially existed, after hearing about a remarkable young child prodigy named "Bob" Dobbs who seemed to belong to a Master Race. Thus, Adolf Hitler, like all other SubGenii, will be liberated from this Earth on X-Day, through the Rupture, and finally escape the clutches of the Nazi Hell Creatures who kidnapped and enslaved him in 1945. Only the SubGenii will be this lucky, however. The Pink slaves of the Deros will be trapped down inside the Hollow Earth in slavery for all of eternity. And the Pink slaves of the Deros are the ones who will construct the many floors of the World of The Future as seen in the documentary Let's Visit the World of the Future, which will be controlled by Bozos, who will themselves all be slaves of the Deros. Eventually everyone Left Behind after the Rupture on X-Day will be enslaved by the Nazi Hell Creatures, and this will include all Pinks, enslaved for all eternity, with periodic "deaths" and "rebirths". While the Bozos will APPEAR to be in charge, they will merely be the slaves that are forced to pretend to be in charge, while actually not having any real power at all, in a cruel twist of fate. In the World of the Future, the Nazi Hell Creatures will actually remain hidden, keeping everyone enslaved via remote control, which is why they do not appear at all in the film Let's Visit the World of the Future. This unfortunate fate for those Left Behind on Earth is known as Hell on Earth.

Mi-go Edit

The Mi-go are a crustacean species from the planet Yuggoth. They are described in the works of HP winged creatures with large claws and heads covered in antennae living in the hollow Earth. The number of similarities between the Mi-go and the Deros are numerous enough that they both share source material, if not, are closely related genetically/anthropomorphically.


Description Edit

The descriptions of the Mi-go are remarkably similar to the Deros. The Mi-go are a scientifically and technologically advanced race, having a particularly sophisticated grasp of surgical techniques and neuroscience.. The Mi-go are pinkish, fungoid, crustacean-like entities with a "convoluted ellipsoid" composed of pyramided, fleshy rings and covered in antennae where a head would normally be. They are about 5 feet (1.5 m) long, and their crustacean-like bodies bear numerous sets of paired appendages. They also possess a pair of membranous bat-like wings which are used to fly through the "ether" of outer space (a pre-Einsteinian concept). The wings do not function well on Earth. Several other races in Lovecraft's Mythos have wings like these as well, suggesting they are a standard mode of interplanetary travel.
Mi go the fungi from yuggoth by cloister-d2zu4cf

The Mi-go are fundamentally alien with respect to Earthly life; Although they do inhabit the Hollow Earth they are not, according to two reports in the original short story, not native to our dimension and their bodies consist of a form of matter that does not occur naturally on Earth. However, they are described as being most like fungi in terms of their biology, although their outward appearance is much like that of a crustacean. Interestingly, they are capable of going into suspended animation until softened and reheated by the sun or some other source of heat. This explains the sightings in colder regions, and their need to take over Antarctic Nazi Ice Bases.

The Mi-go previously worshiped the beings Yog-SothothNyarlathotep , Shub-Niggurath and WOTAN, among others, although in newer works it is acknowledged that the Mi-go are at war with the Elder Gods. Their moral system is completely alien, making them seem highly malicious from a human perspective.

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