ARISE! DVD box front

ARISE! DVD box front

ARISE! is the official SubGenius indoctrination movie, made by filmmaker Ivan Stang to promote The Church of the SubGenius. It is basically the film version of The Book of the SubGenius, and is the greatest movie ever made, according to everybody who has ever lived.

If you would like to see ARISE! without violating copyright laws through piracy, please support the Church by buying a copy directly from the SubGenius Foundation, Inc. Although ARISE! can be found on various file-sharing networks and downloaded illegally, that version is very low quality, with a 320x240 resolution and low bitrate, even lower quality than the 480x360 resolution that YouTube videos originally had for the first few years, plus you miss out on all the other DVD special features. The DVD is full of many extra features and loads of other cool videos, and is crisp, clear DVD quality video, especially nice to see in the many nude scenes. Really, this is a must-have DVD for everyone's collection.

Or, you can watch it the low-quality version right here:

ARISE the SubGenius01:25:48

ARISE the SubGenius

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